Frequently asked questions

What are the cut-off times for transport?

Dicom 3H00pm - UPS 3H00pm - Puro 3H30pm

When can you ship ?
For all stock items, we can ship your order the same day if it is processed before 3pm (EST).
What can CRS Vamic do that our current supplier cannot?

CRS VAMIC assembles belts in Canada.  We can get a belt together and out the door the same day and we do not charge rush charges.  CRS Vamic are experts in the plastic modular belting field and we will get the right belt for the job the first time.  Our staff makes sure that the customer comes first and we go out of our way to ensure that quotes, orders, and deliveries are done in the most timely and professional manner.  CRS Vamic offers plant surveys to our customers.  CRS Vamic offers cost saving strategies to our customers.  We are not just order takers, we are problem solvers.

What does PA mean?
PA stands for Polyamide, from the nylon plastic family.
What does PE mean?

PE is short for polyethylene, a plastic that offers great resistance to cold.

What informations are required to obtain a quote on a motorized drum ?

The attached form can be completed to obtain a quote.

Why should I go with a drum motor over a standard gearbox motor?

Van Der Graaf motors are maintenance free (50,000 hours of operation before the maintenance team even needs to change the oil).  Van Der Graaf motors are 96% mechanically efficient (they will save $ on the electricity bill).  Van Der Graaf motors offer you more flexibility with space as they take up much less room than a gearbox motor.

Who can help me select a belt?
We have a team of technical sales representative, that travels accross Canada. We will gladly put you in contact with your regional representative, who will study your application in details to offer you the best product for your needs.